What size artwork can I include in the satchel?

Nothing larger than A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm) they are the big ones the kids bring home from Kindy!! If you do have something larger than A1, that you would like to include in the book, you can send us a high resolution file.

(Note: Each digital image file counts as 1 piece of artwork towards your total)

Can I add wording to my book?

Yes you can add words to some or all of your pieces. Each caption for each piece of artwork is an additional 50c. You can write your choice of words on the rear of each piece in pencil.

We will invoice you seperately once we have established how many captions will appear in your book.

If you have sent us digital files and you require captions with these, you can email us your wording with the file.

How much is Postage and Handling?

Postage and Handling is $9.99 within Australia.

Once you have selected your book size and paid online, we will send you a prepaid and addressed Australia Post satchel (3kg or 5kg depending on the package size chosen).

Load up the satchel, remove the tracking sticker, sign the declaration on the satchel and take it to your nearest Australia Post Office for delivery.

Once your package arrives to us, we will notify you.

Once you book is complete, we will then send you your completed Forever Art Keepsake Book.

How do you lay the artwork out in the book?

The artwork will spread throughout the book pages at random unless you would prefer them in a specific order. If you would like them in order, please number the rear of each piece clearly in pencil.

Many pages will have one piece of artwork per page while others will have multiple images. If you would like certain pieces to be featured on their own, please also write this in pencil on the rear of the artwork.

If some of your items are in digital format, please include this information in the email when you send your files.

Can I send photographs to be included in the book?

Absolutely!!! The first inside page of the book is designed to feature a photograph of your child with a personalised dedication written by you.

 You will be able to send us a photo and enter your dedication text when you place your order.

This photo and text is an included feature and will not count towards the total pieces of artwork in your package.

Any additional photographs that you include either in high resolution JPEG or in a printed physical form will count as one piece of artwork each, and count towards your total.

Can I choose which piece of artwork will go on the front and back outside cover?

Yes! Please clearly write in pencil, on the rear of the artwork: “Front Cover” and/or “Rear Cover”

Please be mindful of the following when making your selection:

– If you have selected an A4 portrait book, then a portrait piece of artwork will fit better

– If you have selected an A4 landscape book, then a landscape piece of artwork will fit better

– The 12″ x 12″ is square so unless the artwork is square, there will be some cropping involved or the image will be made smaller to fit within the frame.

How do I know which book size is best for me?

– Square will suit all shapes and sizes

– If your collection is predominantly Landscape pieces then choose the landscape book

– If you collection is predominantly Portrait pieces then choose portrait book
-Square will suit all shapes and sizes

Can my child's artwork and memorabilia be returned to me upon completion?

Yes, all artwork can be returned for an additional fee of $20.

This option can be added to your cart in the ordering process.

What other types of items can I included in my Forever Art Keepsake Book?

As well as sending us your artwork, you can include cards, sporting or acadmic awards and ribbons, stories and photographs… the possibilities are endless.

We can accept JPEG photographs of items which you do not wish to send to us. This is recommended for larger pieces of artwork that may have delicate things stuck to it.

Each file will count as one item towards your total count.

How long does it take to make my Forever Art Keepsake Book?

Between 6-8 weeks usually; possibly longer during peak periods.

How should I pack the artwork in the stachel?

We recommed packing your art between 2 pieces of cardboard before popping it in your satchel for extra support.

Once you’ve completed your order, we will send you a handy instruction sheet with your satchel  to guide you.

How does the dedication page work?

The Dedication Page is optional but recommended by Forever Art

What a lovely opening for your child’s beautiful book!

Once you have added the dedication page option to your book, complete your purchase and then email us with your order number and any photos that need to be added to your book, including your dedication photo.

You can include your dedication text in the email or you can write it on the form that will be sent with your satchel.

We also offer the option to have a professional portrait taken by our in-house photographer to make it truly special.

Please note that the dedication photo doesn’t count towards your total number of items in the book.